About Life is a Buzz

"They say this country is experienced through winding highways and long coasts to cities few and far. Yet there is another Canada amidst the swarming metropolis’ that dares the explorer to come chart the deltas of its teeming domain. Out here there is life, there is survival, there is discovery. Then there’s me; just buzzing along."

Life Is A Buzz started as a desire to get back to the rugged basics of living. Growing up in the backwoods of Gananoque, ON, I’ve taken my fair share of dirt roads and day hikes to know that local and organic are more lifestyle than selling points. As an artist, I’ve oriented my career towards exposing the beauty of this harsh and flourishing environment and been kept in constant connection with the affairs of the land. By combining the byproducts of busy pollinators and my creative talents, we’re taking steps in the right direction to preserve the wilderness. 

Life is a Buzz Apiary

Alongside our ‘buzzing’ enterprise is our new line of shirts that highlight the bohemian lifestyle and a closer connection to the bush. The idolization of the uninhibited journey is encapsulated by the Volkswagen Westfalia and it’s place in history as the constitutional foundation for liberation. With several designs to choose from, each shirt is made of of the highest quality, colour-customizable and just aching to be weather-beaten on your next expedition.

Shirts - "Canadian Camping", "Rusty", "Commemorative Canadian National Parks".

Throughout my travels, the most important memories have been the ones where a last-minute decision led to an amazing adventure - that freedom to pack up and just go. I’ve owned my Westfalia for 5 years now, and have been welcomed into a community that identifies across borders and generations. It’s a lifestyle that sticks. I crave that independence, that call to adventure, always a swing of the keys away. If you’re like me, you’ve seen enough of the Earth to know that we all need to do our part to help out.

Our commitment to preserving the wild landscape is borne out of an intimate experience of travelling through it. Every shirt bought from the site donates a portion of the proceedings to conservation efforts that maintain pollinator habitats and organizations that raise awareness on environmental protection.

Pollinators: Monarch Butterfly, Bumblebee & Honey Bees, Fresh Honey bee eggs

You don’t own a Westy to keep it in a garage, and you don’t house bees to stow them in a hive. Both can only deliver their bounty when they’re allowed to fly out into the world. Likewise, we can only tell you so much about what driving a Westfalia is like, or how much better honey is when it is healthy. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

You could be wearing this shirt driving down a back road or the highway, exploring territory known or unfamiliar, buying fresh and supporting local. Point is, you know that you’re doing more than wandering through this wilderness; you find you’ve become a part of it.

My wife Tracy hiking through Zion National Park in Utah, USA. with a road far below.